Uploading data via SFTP


To enable data to be processed into the Cohort Go platform in an automated manner, SFTP access can be configured for delivering files automatically from your internal systems. Note that the data delivered will be processed using an Import Template, so ensure that this has been configured first.

Setting up SFTP Access

Within your Cohort Go account, visit 'Settings' -> 'SFTP Keys'. Click 'New SFTP Key', and provide a label for the key, the public key information, and the IP addresses that you'll be connecting from. Please note it will take up to 15 minutes to apply IP whitelisting changes.

Configuring Processing

To enable a file to be processed automatically, go to 'Settings' -> 'Rules'. Create a new rule that that runs when Dropped File Created. Select the import template that you've previously configured. Save this rule, and any files that are dropped will be automatically scheduled to be processed with an Import Request with the selected Import Template.

Connecting to the SFTP Server

On the SFTP keys page, you'll see a banner telling you the SSH host to connect to - it will look like o1234@portal-sftp-xx.cohortgo.com. Ensure that your public key is available in your ~/.ssh directory or is loaded into your local ssh-agent with ssh-add.

Uploading a file for processing

Once connected to the SFTP server, you'll see an IN/ and OUT/ directory. Upload files to the OUT/ directory for delivery to Cohort Go, and download them from the IN/ directory (see our guide on receiving files by SFTP for more information about this).