Zapier Integration

What is Cohort Go Zapier Integration about?

It enables agents to sync the student data from their current CRM system (e.g. Hubspot, Bitrix24, etc.) and get them auto created in the Cohort Go platform. It helps minimise agent counsellor/user's time and effort on student data entry in the Cohort Go platform.

What student data will be synced via the Cohort Go Zapier Integration?

  • Title - mandatory
  • Given Name - mandatory
  • Family Name - mandatory
  • Gender - mandatory, we accept 'male' or 'female' as value
  • DOB - optional, the student's date of birth. Must be in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Email - mandatory
  • Student's Home Country - mandatory, must be in the form of an ISO alpha2 code, such as AU, CN, US. You can map Nationality (on HS) to this field.
  • Student's Destination Country - mandatory, must be in the form of an ISO alpha2 code, such as AU, CN, US
  • Mobile Number - optional
  • Passport Number - optional
  • Passport - optional, passport files uploaded in the trigger will pass through to us
  • Student's Home Address Country - optional, must be in the form of an ISO alpha2 code, such as AU, CN, US. You can map Pais de Residencia (on HS) to this field.
  • Language Preference - optional, we accept these 5 values only: en, es, vi, pt, zh-CN.
    • en stands for English
    • es stands for Spanish
    • vi stands for Vietnamese
    • pt stands for Portuguese
    • zh-CN stands for Chinese
  • Branch Name - optional, you can map the name of the branch to associate the student with from HS to this field.
  • Owning User Email - optional, it's the email of the user that should be assigned as the primary contact user for the student.

Prerequisite for using Cohort Go Zapier Integration:

Your existing CRM system (where students data sit) is integrated with Zapier already.

How to use Cohort Go Zapier Integration?

  • Upon your confirmation to use this service, we'll create relevant Test & PROD user accounts for you. You'll receive the user account activation email from us.
  • Activate your user account by following the user account activation email.
  • We'll send you two Zapier integration invitation links, one to our Test environment and the other one to our PROD environment.
  • Use your user account to authorise the Creating Student Zapier integration service, and do the relevant Zapier integration/configuration work to ensure the student data is synced from your CRM to Cohort Go platform. Please ensure it works in the Test environment first before launching it in PROD.